Profiling & Assessments

The importance of assessments in recruitment, learning and development and succession planning is widely recognised, helping the decision-making process and adding more objective measures and job-fit criteria to the more subjective methods based on instinct.

Prevue assessments and job fit benchmarking will help you understand who is really going to turn up for work on day one.

PrevueTM assessments have been developed over decades of research here in the UK by globally recognised occupational psychologists and constantly refined ensuring they are valid, accurate and reliable, so you can trust the results will offer a valuable insight into how your new recruit or existing team member will perform or how well they will fit the team.

Prevue assessments can help you...

Find the right people

Prevent poor performance

Promote the right people

Save money

Place them in the right job

Improve productivity

Identify future leaders

Help you get it right first time

Reduce staff turnover

Improve motivation

Save time

PrevueTM assessments compare participants against a job-fit profile, established by analysing the characteristics of the top performers in thousands of roles, across every industry, right around the world.

These are called normative patterns. We can compare using one of 3 different approaches:

  • A Benchmark Library of over 700 positions covered
  • Using a Concurrent Study of existing team members performing a role successfully
  • Creating a Job Description Survey within your organisation

Prevue assessments measure the following...

Verbal reasoning


Approach to work

Numerical reasoning


Team fit

Spatial reasoning