Do we give qualifications?

In short, we don’t. But what are you really looking for? Qualifications or results?

The programs that we use are made by Leadership Management International (LMI) and that organisation, which I’ve now been a part of for just over twenty years, is a global business, present in eighty countries, translated into 26 languages and approaching 2.5 million clients. We believe that what we do will deliver results. And what we do works.

From past experience, being affiliated with larger institutions has been costly and has added little merit to our clients. We are happy to stay true to ourselves and value the results we get.

No, we do not provide any formal qualifications, but all participants will, of course, receive a graduation certificate to say that they have completed the programme. We think that is enough. Hopefully our clients do too.

I hope this has given you some insight and answered your question. If it hasn’t, ask your question in the form and I will answer with a personalised video within 24 hours.

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