What’s in our toolbox?

We have four primary programs that form the Total Leader Solution.

  1. Personal Productivity – How do you as an individual manage and control your time and priorities? How effectively do you delegate and communicate with your people? Leadership is built on the foundation and platform of being productive and Personal Productivity is where it all begins. This is our go-to program.
  2. Effective Personal Leadership – This is where we get you to look inward. What are the characteristics that make up a great leader, both personally and professionally? I call this program “the life-changer” because I’ve seen so many people that we’ve facilitated and coached through this particular course who have change their lives for the better. We get you to look at your personal responsibility and purpose, your passion, your positive expectancy, how to plan, how to be persistent, how to communicate and how to multiply your leadership. It’s an inside out process. The leadership of yourself.
  3. Motivational Leadership – How do you lead other people? How do you build teams? How do you inspire others? How do you lead change and innovation?
  4. Strategic leadership – How do you lead an organisation?

We can deliver Personal Productivity, Effective Personal Leadership, Motivational Leadership and Strategic Leadership as standalone programs. For the complete two-year package, we also offer the Total Leader Solution.

Other standalone programs include:

  • Effective Leadership Development – Half self-management, half leading and managing your team. This is a great all-rounder.
  • Team Dynamics Programs – Suitable for teams of all level.
  • The Making of a Champion – Designed for teenagers and something we are incredibly passionate about. Developing the leaders of the future.

I am also a fully qualified Professional Executive coach.

I hope this has given you some insight and answered your question. If it hasn’t, ask your question in the form and I will answer with a personalised video within 24 hours.

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