What if I invest in their development and they leave?

I can understand why people are reticent to spend money on training, for fear of people leaving the company. But flip that on its head: what if you don’t invest in your people and they stay?

Similar to a club signing a great striker and telling them not to train because their improvement might result in another club buying them, it doesn’t make sense.

You’ve invested in your people, and whilst you’ve got them you want them to be the very best version of themselves. Therefore you invest in their development.  The same is true of your leaders. You’ve bought them into a senior position of authority and responsibility, but if you don’t develop them, they will stagnate, they will get bored and they may well move on. But worse than that is if they stagnate, they don’t get bored and they stay. In this instance, you end up paying for mediocrity. I don’t know a single average or mediocre company that is truly successful.

The very best you can hope for with investing in your people is that, whilst you’ve got them, they are fantastic. If and when they do leave, they leave with nothing but good things to say. Yes, there’s always a danger when you invest in someone that ultimately they’re going to move on, but if you don’t, they might just stick around.

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