INTER–RUPTIONS Obvious Causes and Easy Fixes   Smartphones have given us instant access to the rest of the world, but by the same token, the rest of the world now has instant access to us.  Cue the “dings”, “pings”, “beeps” and “buzzes” of text alerts and email notifications; likes and retweets; and that hilarious cat…

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Perfectionism: Thoughts and Tips

Where to begin… We are at the peak of social media.  As a result, the world we live in has, seemingly, become much smaller and has granted us access to people, places and things that, fifteen years ago, might have seemed impossible.  But as we make the rest of the world smaller by inviting it…

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Self awareness in leadership development

orange and blue action assessment

Self awareness in leadership development When was the last time you took a look in the mirror? I have one on my desk in the office. It was sent to me by a good friend and mentor many years ago with a message. It read” Before you blame the rest of the planet, take a…

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Slight Edge Breakfast Success

getting stuff done

The first Slight Edge Breakfast event held on July 6th was well received by the attending delegates. Designed to provide 90 minutes of high end personal development the event sold out in advance and based on the feedback from the participants we expect the next one to be a sell out too. Delivered by seasoned…

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